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Cycles For Awareness

Donating bikes to those who need them.

We've learnt a alot from speaking with fellow cyclists in our community. 

This is a lengthy read, but please do so and understand our story behind this initiative. 

In all honesty, Ayden only really got back into cycling in the last 12 months. Prior to this he was an avid team sports player and that was his main focus, it surrounded him around mates and was great for his physical and mental health. But unfortunately there isn't huge longevity in it (for some), as injuries kept reoccurring, family was taking up a lot of his 'sports' time, and eventually he lost a bit of passion for it. Having members of our family who are keen cyclists, Ayden thought he'd start up again and get into cycling as his main outlet. A lot of the benefits of cycling was quickly resurfacing and it was filling the void of his team sports days!

It's and easy outlet, it can be with a big group of mates, it can be on your own, it can be at 4am or 10pm. Its a matter of simply heading out your front door, or having an indoor Zwift session its so versatile. It's 'affordable' and honestly almost EVERY cyclist we have spoken to, be it at races, out on the roads or in our DMs on instagram, they all cycle as it helps with their mental health on a daily basis. 

Now we say 'affordable' as we all know you could be spending amazing amounts of money on your pride and joy, but it doesn't have to be that way.

In fact it could be in the form of a donation, like what we, at Cycles For Awareness are trying to implement, as part of our 'direct impact initiative'.  

We know the first hand benefits of cycling to your mental health, in fact we've seen it. We first started to get the ball rolling on this, when we donated a MTB to one of our followers father, Albert. 

He needed an outlet, that challenged him enough to have mental clarity after each ride. We've been keeping in contact and he's still enjoying riding and goes out almost everyday! We love the possibility of being able to help people similar to Albert, or just need a form of exercise that is cost effective other than things such as walking. 

What we ask of you fellow reader?

If you are someone that may fall into this category would like to get into cycling but don't necessarily have the means to do so, or are wanting an outlet that will help put your mental health into a better state, we are here to (try) help.

Or if you know someone that may benefit from this, a bike donation might be something that will put them on the path to positive mental health, all whilst also getting fit and physically healthy. 

Please contact us via the form below.

The donation can be to an individual, organisation, school or other charities/groups.

Type of bikes will be entry level GIANT/LIV, road, MTB or commuter. 

Plus with our new partnership with KASK, we will be also donating a KASK Sintesi helmet with every donation. 

Bikes on hand will depend on availability. We will endeavour to help most, but understand if we get overwhelmed there may be waitlists involved. Waiting times may also impact donation timeframes, due to bike availability etc. Further T&Cs in T&Cs section of website. 

Lastly if you require mental health support in general, Cycles For Awareness cannot offer professional help, but here are some fantastic organisations with links to point you in the right direction. 

This initiative is open to residents across Australia, all ages. 




how tall are you or the person who is reffered?

Thank-you for being part of our Direct Impact Initiative, someone will be in contact soon!

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