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Updated: Jul 1

Witness the masterpieces from Saint Cloud Bikes' custom builds, where art meets velocity- for only $50!

This draw was our first of it's kind, on many levels. A custom build with a $10,000 spending spree. Enve's new road bike frameset the melee. 1000 tickets only available in a draw.

We we're excited, Saint Cloud couldn't wait to get their hands on the build, directed by the winner's selections of componentry!

The lucky winner from this draw was Calvin N from Thornbury VIC with ticket entry 2TB4-WLG8-C3J1P.

A bit apprehensive on the phone when he answered, there was a sense of (oh man this is a scam call..) but soon realised this was no joke! He had just won a $20,000 Enve melee and get's to pick his own finishing touches.

The team at Saint Cloud are currently working on the bike, and are waiting on the crankset to arrive (courtesy of delays out of our control) then the masterpiece will be complete.

We cannot wait to show you all how it turned out and officially hand over the bike to Calvin! Pictures to follow suit..

As usual a HUGE thanks to everyone who entered the draw, there we're a lot of disappointed entrants (understandable) who didn't win. Also to mention, we see all the entrants names, those that enter almost everyone of our draws, we see you, and we appreciate you. The beauty of offering smaller sized draws now enables you to have a better chance of winning.

Raffle winner:

1st Prize:

Enve Melee framset + $10,000 to spend at Saint Cloud customising the bike. Total prize worth $20,000!

Ticket number: 2TB4-WLG8-C3J1P

From Thornbury, VIC.

Your support makes a difference, and recognises mental health awareness.

Our next draw is first of its kind! A European cycling escape! Courtesy of our friends at Wide Open Road Cycling Tours. This draw sees us welcoming NSW into the mix as eligible entrants.

T&Cs apply. Check out the website for further information!

Here pictured is Calvin picking up his new Enve Melee custom build over the weekend! Unreal build, and some very slick options picked by him. Top notch build as usual by Saint Cloud Bikes.

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